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Travelling from within Dundee

There is no on-site parking for C56, apart from pre-booked disabled access
C56 Shuttles and pre-booked coaches will be dropping off and picking up from Liff Road
Pick-up and drop-off for family and friends is at the back of the Ice Arena
If you are walking and using the under pass you will be directed up towards the main entrance gate
The taxi rank is situated towards the north of Camperdown Park
If you are walking, you can come in the entrance on Liff Road

The C56 Shuttle

We have partnered with Xplore Dundee to bring you the C56 Shuttle – the official bus of the festival.

The C56 Shuttle will be running continuously throughout Saturday 12th and Sunday 13th, taking you from Dundee’s city centre directly to Camperdown Park and back again. There are two C56 Shuttle’s – the 56 and the 56a. The C56 Shuttle is the quickest and most direct route to Carnival Fifty Six.

Both buses will be running from 10am on Saturday and Sunday. The 56 bus will be picking up from Greenmarket, and the 56a will be picking up from Ward Road.

Both buses will take you directly to the south entrance of Camperdown Park on Liff Road.

Carnival Fifty Six finishes at 11pm, and the last 56 bus will leave Camperdown Park at 1:30am, meaning everyone will have a guaranteed route back to the city centre.

Please note both buses will be dropping off in the same places: Courthouse Square followed by the Nethergate. Please see the below time tables for timings and frequency.

Tickets for the C56 Shuttle can be bought in online in advance, and you’ll be sent out a wristband.

A standard day pass will get you from town and back again for £5 and a weekend pass for £9.

A special day pass is available for regular bus users and can be bought at the travel Centre on Commercial Street. A 1-week, 4-week or direct debit travel card will be needed upon purchase.

NEC concession holders will be able to use their card to board the C56 shuttles. They must attend one of the retail points – the Travel Centre on Commercial Street, or at Greenmarket itself – to present their card, where they will then be issued with a wristband. Staff will be on hand to advise passengers on where to queue etc., at Greenmarket. “Concession Plus One” companions must accompany the card-holder and get their wristband in the same manner as above.

Tickets can be used on both the 56 and 56a, and will take you from either pick up point, to Camperdown, and to either of the drop offs back in town.


There will be a dedicated area for taxi drop-offs and pick-ups at the North Gate of the park. We would advise booking taxis in advance as the festival weekend will be very busy. For Dundee taxi companies please click here.

Driving to the Festival

There is strictly no parking for festival goers at Camperdown Park.  Accessible parking is available, however this MUST be pre-booked. If you are driving then please use only authorised car parks.  Do not park in the Ice Arena or on residential roads around the site as additional parking restrictions will be enforced. If you are going to drive we would advise to park at Bell Street carpark or Greenmarket carpark and then get the C56 Shuttle! 

A public pick up and drop off area will be available for your friends or family to drop you off prior to the show and then pick you up when you wish to go home.

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