James Bradley

What can you say about James with a career spanning over 20 years his experience and knowledge to read a crowd whether doing a warm-up or a main time slot. So it all started in a Local Pub in his home town of Romford. With his love of House music and clubbing he soon was spending all his time tracking down tunes and going to the clubs around London, where he met up with Chris Day ( one halve of Chris and James). Spending every Saturday in the Gardening Club they then handed Shelly Boswell a mix tape and she liked it next thing they where offered a Residency with Jeremy Healey to play at CLUB FOR LIFE a new night starting up at the Famous Gardening Club. Club for Life became on of the busiest nights in London at the time, So They then started there own night with the help of Shelly “The Pinch “on a Tuesday night with longer sets they were given freedom to play pretty much what they liked. With great guested from UK and Worldwide it soon became a must for a mid-week clubbing jaunt and a place to hang out and listen to great music. As the dj’ing took so did the studio work signing to Stress Records with a string of records such as Club for life, Calm down, Fox force five and Ghosts then they started doing remixes. Also signing to Cream records as a solo artist.
Talizman – only you, Spirits – Dont bring me down Is-ha D – stay, Everything But the girl – missing Phats and small – turn around, Cathy Brown – Turn me out Medium High – The Pleasure, D:Ream – Take Me Away To name put a few. They soon joined up with Renaissance Dj agency to take care of there booking as there style of music suited there ethos. Being heavy influenced by the prog- house scene at the time. James started playing regular at most of the UK leading nights Renaissance, Gatecrasher, Turnmills, The Rhumba, Wobble, MOS, Progress, Cream and also Worldwide. James also has worked in some of the Best records shops in London working in City sounds and then Tag Records back in the 90’s. His Style of mixing old with new seen to be popular with the youth of today Come check him out as james’s experience and passion for his craft guarantee for a great night out.