Jaggi Gin’s VIP Secret Garden announced! 08/06/2017

By 9th June 2017Featured, Homepage Featured

We’re thrilled to announce C56 has partnered with another local company – Jaggi Gin! Dundee based company Jaggi Gin, are sponsoring our VIP area, and we’re so excited to introduce Jaggi Gin’s VIP Secret Garden.

Jaggi Gin’s VIP Secret Garden will only be open to those who have VIP tickets – and we promise, you’re not going to want to miss out! The Secret Garden will have priority access at the main gates, meaning no long queues when you arrive. When you enter the Secret Garden, you’ll have access to premium facilities, such as toilets, and a premium viewing area of the Mardi Gras main stage. This means you can watch all your favourite acts without leaving the Secret Garden. Jaggi Gin will be only be available exclusively to the Secret Garden, and you can ask anyone who’s tried it – it’s pretty damn amazing!

Alongside Jaggi Gin, the Secret Garden will be home to premium food and drinks options. You’ll be able to enjoy a glass of bubbly and seafood at our Champagne & Oyster bar, chill with The Fizzy Popsicle Company serving¬†POPS – the premium Champagne and Prosecco Ice Popsicles, and feast on some delicious, gourmet burgers.

Jaggi Gin’s Secret Garden is not to be missed, and we can guarantee you’ll be kicking yourself when you see other festival goers with their POPS basking in the Dundee sunshine! If you think the Secret Garden sounds like where you want to spend your C56, you can upgrade your standard ticket to VIP from just ¬£22. Please click here.