We caught up with Fat Goth! 28/06/2017

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We caught up with Fat Goth on Saturday just as they were about to head on stage for their gig at Conroy’s bar, Dundee. The guys spoke about what they’ve been up too, their thoughts on playing at the first ever Carnival Fifty Six, and told us about  some interesting surprises for their show!

The Scottish three-piece, gave us an insight into their weird and wonderful ways and reassured us that their punk rock, heavy mental, head-bobbing sound is something not to be missed at this year’s first Carnival Fifty Six.

So you’re playing the first ever Carnival Fifty six, how do you feel?

Mark: Yeah we’re really excited about it actually! I think it’s really cool to be involved in something that’s so big in Dundee. There were a couple of us that went to Radio 1’s big weekend, 11 years ago now, and it just seemed like such a big deal, and there hasn’t been anything since. So, for something this size to be in Dundee, and us to get involved, we feel really privileged to be a part of it.

What have you guys been up to, any new singles? Busy with gigs?

Mark: We brought out our forth album Enorme, back at the start of May. We don’t really gig that often anyway but we’re doing a handful of Scottish shows this summer.

Kevin: We released two albums in succession, so were touring a lot, which was awesome and we still enjoy doing it, but everyone’s getting really old and our muscles are getting feeble. We realised we can’t to it as often as we used to! We just try and make the most of it and it’s mostly just do Scottish shows.

What can we expect from your set? What are you going to bring to the festival?

Kevin: I would say we’re a mix of genres, we take some elements of heavy metal but, it’s not a particular sound we have.  We’ve got a lot of heaviness, and some elements of punk. I don’t know if there are many bands at Carnival Fifty Six that are of that sort of genre? So, if someone comes along and wants to have a head bang and rock out, there’s us! If people like to hear very loud guitar music, then they have us as an option.

How do you feel the general buzz has been about the festival, what’s the word on the street?

Mark: As I said it’s exciting to be involved. You know, how often is there a festival in Camperdown Park? When you look at the bands who are going along, some are certainly a lot of bigger than us, so it’s great to  get the opportunity. This is absolutely massive to us.

Ok, so we saw something on Twitter can you confirm you’re the opening act for Little Mix?

Mark: That was actually a secret, you’ve just gone and ruined that!

Kevin: Yeah that was just Little Mix moving gear a second ago there. It’s going to be like the film CoCoon where they pull their skin back and their glowing radiance, current hype girl band aura is going to dazzle everyone when they’re on stage. It’s going to be a tough act to follow!

So you guys looking forward for tonight?

Kevin: Yeah it will be cool, we played Edinburgh last night, and it was a very good gig. We were playing at Sneaky Pete’s which is a really cool venue, and we were rocking and cooking and feeling good so I think today will be the same!

And, Fat Goths’ performance did not disappoint! The atmosphere in the crowed was intense – heads were most definitely banging from start to finish! Be sure to catch them on the Discovery Stage, Sunday August 12th.