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What, Where and When?

Normally this is where you would find the corporate speech written in jargon and clichés. We didn’t want to bore you, so we’re going to tell you what you actually want to know.

So, let’s start with what I know will be your first question – what is Carnival Fifty Six?

Simply, we are Scotland’s newest music festival, coming to Camperdown Park on the 12th and 13th of August 2017. We have five music areas, which will be home to some of the biggest names in music, big names DJs and some of Scotland best homegrown talent. Here at C56, we wanted to keep as much of the festival local and Scottish as we can, so expect to see some amazing musicians, eat some delicious local food and get merry on some of the finest local drinks there are!

We chose carnival because the C56 Team love its original meaning – an annual festival involving dancing and music. We could say that fifty six’s origins trace back to a deep, philosophical meaning but no one likes a liar. Fifty six is the Northern coordinate of Camperdown Park. It also looks pretty damn cool in our logo.

Essentially, Carnival Fifty Six is an annual festival held on the 56° North grid line in Dundee.

The festival will boast a phenomenal line-up over the weekend, celebrating music, comedy and culture. Our stages and tents will be home to some of music’s biggest names, comedians that make you cry lol’ing, and lots of local talent showcasing their brilliant skillz.

The City’s Park

Here at C56 HQ we all have our own links to Camperdown, some of us growing up with it as our extended back garden, while for others the park became a favourite to walk puppers.

Radio 1s Big Weekend came to Dundee just over a decade ago. Camperdown was home to 28,000 people over the two days, and the event was a resounding success. However, since 2006, Dundee has been missing an event of the same attendance, grandeur and magnitude. There’s a gap in the market, and we’re going to fill it while firmly stamping our mark on the festival scene.

We didn’t chose Camperdown just because we all love it or that it worked so well for the Big Weekend. Fundamentally, Camperdown is beautiful, well known and loved within the city. The 400 acres are home to gorgeous parkland, many species of trees, including the Camperdown Elm (a tree discovered in the park between 1835-1840 – who knew!?), two bears and a peacock. With its Wildlife Centre and numerous events held throughout the year, the park is an all-round favourite in Tayside. And it is the perfect setting for our festival.

We are so excited for you all to join us there in August 2017.

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Camperdown Park, Dundee: 12th – 13th August 2017